Now that people from around the world are sharing their household hacks via short videos on TikTok, interested people are able to take these suggestions and apply them to their life. Lifehacks like this one are helping people to revolutionize the way they live at home. From the best way to get peanut butter out of a jar to cleaning your sink with ice cubes, TikTok has helped people share weird tricks with their followers and help make life a little bit easier for every person who implements these solutions.

That’s why this amazing grilled cheese recipe from Malaysia is picking up steam and going viral. There are only a few ingredients in this delicious grilled cheese complete with a ham omelet. The young female video creator from Malaysia, Ivy, shared the short clip to TikTok and receive rave reviews from people across the whole world. Now her one-pot breakfast recipe is making waves across the Pacific and the Atlantic in both Europe and the United States of America.

There are only six ingredients in this perfect grilled cheese recipe. And it doesn’t take long to make it.

You’ll need eggs, cheese, ham, sliced bread, and a pinch of both salt and pepper. Those are ingredients that many people have to lie around their house – and probably buy every week when they go to the grocery store.

Ivy knew that she was onto something when she decided to film herself, creating the egg breakfast sandwich for her TikTok fans. She even went so far as to declare it “viral” well before it proved to be the giant success it was destined to become. Maybe she has a talent for prophecy or a magical foresight?

“Today, I’ll be making the viral egg sandwich,” she said. “For this recipe, I’ll be using two eggs, lightly season with salt and pepper.”

First, you need to crack the eggs into a bowl. Then add the pinch of salt and pepper to make sure these spices get all mixed up into the eggs. That helps ensure that the flavor is displaced through the item and present in every bite. Whisk the eggs until they’re smooth.

Next, you need to prepare your single non-stick pan. Pour the eggs right into it once it is heated up over low heat. Then you want to dip the bread into the egg mixture as though you were creating French toast.

Flip the bread over with a spatula once the eggs are fully cooked. Then you need to flip the bread over, so the egg is now resting on top of the sliced bread. Slap down the cheese and let it melt. Fold the egg back inside the sandwich and then slap both sides of the sandwich together. Voila! You have a delightful and viral egg sandwich courtesy of Ivy from Malaysia.

With more than 277,000 views, Ivy was right to declare this recipe viral. It has proven to be a delight for people across the world as they chomp into a savory breakfast sandwich that is TikTok approved.

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