If fast food did not taste good, it would not be one of the most popular ways for Americans to feed their families. While we all know that most fast food items are not good for our waistlines, it can be hard to resist a Burger King Whopper or a McDonald’s BigMac or fries when they’re offered up to us. However, fast food insiders have come forward to warn you about items sold at big fast-food chains that you should avoid as if your life depends upon it.

Not everything at your local Wendy’s or Taco Bell should be consumed. People who work at these establishments have shared their inside information about the filthy practices some fast food establishments employ to keep costs down – at the expense of their customer’s health and satisfaction. If you enjoy a fast-food sandwich every once in a while – or are a regular customer – review this list to make sure you’re not ordering some of the most disgusting food items sold in the United States.

White Castle is an establishment that wise people know to avoid at all costs. However, people still swear by their bready sliders. But insiders want you to know that you need to avoid their Hash Round Nibblers for one specific reason. These items are so caloric that they can cause you to blow up like a balloon – with 1,440 calories per bag and 110 grams of fat.

Taco Bell’s breakfast options may be best avoided for vegans and vegetarians. Although Taco Bell usually makes sure not to cross-contaminate their ingredients, insiders claim that those processes get thrown out the window when it comes to breakfast. Don’t order breakfast from Taco Bell if you don’t like bacon flavor all over everything.

Burger King has many menu items that taste great, but insiders warn you to avoid their fish sandwiches. Fish tends to be of very poor quality and sit around in storage forever because few people order the item from the menu.

Wendy’s chili may taste delicious, but skip it next time you’re ordering. The ingredients can sometimes stay in storage for way too long.

Hungry people need to avoid Starbucks at all costs, according to workers there. While coffee drinks are great at the fast-food chain, the food items are lackluster and come as frozen prepackaged blah. Don’t waste your money on their food items.

Subway restaurants have so many items for you to choose from. But, according to those who work at the stores, you should avoid their tuna sandwiches at all costs. Tuna sits out all day and is seldom refreshed – and may even be expired.

Arby’s Roast Beef should be avoided at all costs. Although this is their main menu item, the roast beef product sold at the fast-food restaurant comes in a paste that gets dried out in the oven. If you order an early lunch, you’re probably eating yesterday’s leftovers. Yuck!

Are there any fast-food items that you avoid like the plague? Share your warnings in the comments below!

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