When a fire department fired a female firefighter for being too sexy, she decided to file a lawsuit against them. The controversy began when her bosses at the fire department started scrolling through her images on Instagram and deemed them to be “too provocative” for a female firefighter who led to her termination from the job. However, 27-year-old Presley Pritchard believes she was the victim of sexual harassment since she was fired from her job as a firefighter with Evergreen Fire Rescue in Montana because of the sexually promiscuous content on her Instagram account.

Pritchard claims that she was fired from her job of three years with the fire department back in August 2019. However, she also works as an Instagram influencer, which means that she has to share alluring photos of herself on the social media platform. That’s just part of the work. However, her superiors at the fire department believed the images were simply too provocative and fired her from her job as a firefighter because of her bikini pictures on Instagram.

“I’m a good medic. I’m a good firefighter. I’ve never, ever once been talked to about my actual job,” she told VICE after he lawsuit went public.

She filed the complaint against the Evergreen Fire Rescue in January. She has decided to sue the company for lost wages, times, money, and the abundant emotional stress her termination has caused her. She believes she is entitled to these damages because she was fired from the firefighter job because of sexism in the department.

Pritchard claims that she has experienced several counts of sexual misconduct during her time at the fire department. She has been not afraid to come forward and speak about the abuses she has endured while working with the male colleagues at Evergreen Fire Rescue.

“Several male employees in the department have photos of themselves in uniforms and turnouts in front of fire trucks and at the department on their social media accounts,” she said.

While it is socially acceptable for her male colleagues to pose provocatively for calendars and their social media profiles, she lost her job because she had done the same thing.

Most of the images of Pritchard’s social media page show her either working out at the gym or wearing firefighter and paramedic gear. She’s a professional.

She also felt that the fire department “targeted (her) due to how I looked in my gym attire at a public gym.”

Should she have been fired for working out and wearing acceptable clothing at the public gym? Most people agree that the fire department made a mistake.

Pritchard said that EFR “does not have a social media policy and never has.”

But the Department claims otherwise. They said that Pritchard posted a photo of herself at the scene of an accident, which was a misuse of taxpayer money.

This behavior was an alleged violation of the clause of “engaging) in any conduct which would disparage Evergreen.”

Do you think this firefighter should have been fired for her “provocative” social media photos?

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