As part of her work in the fitness industry, 29-year-old Katy Bampton must be ready to strip down to a bikini for photoshoots. Although the young Australian woman has to wear next to nothing in front of strangers for work, she also has to deal with her husband’s profession, which requires him to sleep with different women every week. Katy eloped with sex coach Robbie Bampton after a three-month engagement because they are in love – but she also had to come to terms with what he does for work as a porn star.

“I forget sometimes that this is our life, and we live this way every day…, and I’m actually married to a porn star,” Katy wrote in an Instagram post.

Meanwhile, Katy’s husband, Robbie Bampton, insists that the sex he does for pay is a lot different than the love-making he does with his new wife.

“The sex that I have at work, and the sex that I have at home, are completely different,” says adult entertainment star Robbie Bampton said.

Although Katy and Robbie hit it off once they met, she was initially wary of her soon-to-be husband because of the work he performed.

“The first time I saw Rob was on Instagram. I judged him for being a sex worker. I saw his page and thought this is not something I’m interested in,” Katy said. “I was judging because I thought, ‘oh, he’s been with a lot of girls,’ and I didn’t want to put myself into that scenario. But that was also probably a lot of my own ego because of my conditioning from society and the judgments about what you should do in life. Meeting Rob and getting to know him really changed my perception.”

Because of his line of work, Robbie was open to discussing boundaries – so long as he was allowed to continue sleeping with other women for as long as he held his job. They managed to have a conversation and come to an agreement regarding Robbie’s line of work. And Katy is happy with the way things are so long as Robbie regularly gets checked for sexually-transmitted infections and wears a condom with his various sex partners when that is possible, which is not always is because porn directors want scenes to look “natural.”

“People on social media think this is our lifestyle, and we’re like this 24/7, and he’s constantly having sex with other people, and we’re constantly in the swingers environment… but we’re really not,” Katy said.

The pair spend a lot of time together when Robbie is not filming videos with other sex partners. They enjoy going to the gym, cooking food, and filming TikTok videos. In addition, each week has a “Katy day” where Robbie has to dedicate himself to his wife instead of the women at his job.

“A specific day where we commit to each other, stay present, voice our thoughts and feelings, have awkward conversations, learn more about each other, experience new things, dive deep through tantra connections, and share all our love,” she said. “Amongst the crazy thing called life, we find it important that we put aside time for ourselves to connect. Rob is my rock, and our relationship is the most secure, beautiful thing ever because we make it that way.”