One mom just wanted to mind her own business while out shopping in the United Kingdom. Because she is a normal woman who does not have hours per week to spend exercising, her body resembles a normal person’s. This means that she has a few rolls on her belly that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Nevertheless, this young mom named Nicola was rocked with cruel comments from fellow shoppers when she showed up at the grocery store with part of her stomach exposed.

Nicola turned the camera upon herself to talk about how the other customers made cruel comments about her belly rolls. She even showed the “offending” outfit on video, which showed her stomach partly exposed. However, the outfit was hardly anything anyone should be bothered by.

“I was getting looks probably because I had my belly showing, and I am not the skinniest,” the mom admitted in her viral video confession. “It is one of those things people probably look at me and think, who does she think she is wearing that it is freezing? She got her belly out.”

Fortunately, Nicola refused to let her critics get her down. She rallied her mood and recorded the video to hit back at her haters and make it clear that she wants to show off her stomach sometimes because it is her body to do so.

“My body has produced a child, an absolutely beautiful child, and if I want to rock whatever I have got, I am going to do it,” she said. “So yea, I went to the supermarket like this, and I don’t care.”

Nicola believes people should feel good in their own skin and wear the clothes that make them happy.

“It has bugger all to do with anyone else how fat or thin I am,” she said.

Nicola’s video attracted a lot of attention from people all over the world. Many people were appalled that haters had bashed her for showing off her belly.

One supporter wrote, “You absolutely rock that outfit.”

“You look amazing. I need to take your advice and just go for it,” said another supporter on TikTok.

Some people thought that her critics were probably feeling bad about themselves when they saw her wearing an outfit that exposed her belly.

“I bet someone looked at you and thought, I wish I had the confidence to wear that!! You look amazing, babe,” said another supporter on the Chinese-created social media app.

In a follow-up video, the mom of one recorded a statement about how other women should not feel the need to be “covering up” themselves while out in public.

“I really want women to love themselves the way that they are,” she said. “Don’t cover up what you have. Love your own skin. Just go for it.”

What do you think about this mother’s outfit? Was it inappropriate for a grocery store trip?