A 42-year-old woman recently went through a life-changing divorce. After her marriage which lasted for eighteen years fell apart, she found her life in shambles with little motivation to pull things together. However, the woman from Blackpool, UK, named Emma Sheppard, broke up with her husband of eighteen years back in 2000 when she was a forty-year-old woman. Sheppard decided to end her lengthy marriage to her deadbeat husband, she did so because the man made her feel “worthless” and like she didn’t contribute anything to the family situation.

Sheppard had been so busy being the man’s wife. She felt that she failed to take care of herself and was consistently unhappy both within her marriage and by how she took care of the way she looked.

However, Emma Sheppard believes she has turned her life around two years after her divorce. She joined a gym and quit eating junk food which simply made her gain unwanted weight. She switched her junk food habit with a healthier choice by cooking more food at home and making herself healthy meals that would do well to help her look better than she did the day before.

Sheppard has also begun looking for love again. She created a Tinder account and has been going out on the town again. All of this has given her a lot of confidence despite being a recently divorced woman who had lost herself because of her loveless marriage.

Emma is a generous person who works as a welfare case worker. She spoke to Daily Mail about her transformation and how she has managed to turn her looks around all thanks to her improvements following the divorce two years ago.

“I’m so happy now that I’ve totally turned my life around,” Emma Sheppard confessed to Daily Mail. “I feel amazing and it’s like the beauty comes from within. It’s like walking on air. Before I’d always just worked hard and cared for everyone else. But, one day after we separated, I realized it was my turn.”

Emma was able to turn her looks around because she found herself after her divorce. Her failed marriage had only contributed stress to her lifestyle and had made her feel worthless while married. She was constantly tired during her marriage and needed a welcomed change.

“I looked old empty and drained, but now I’m living my best life. I’m happy and I look completely different.”

Emma married in 2000 when she was just twenty-two years old.

“I’d married for life. It was him, the girls, and work. I felt I’d got it all sorted,” she said.

However, their marriage wasn’t as happy as planned.

Their divorce was finalized in October 2021. Her husband officially moved out in January 2021.

“It was really bad after he left, it really broke me. I felt worthless – I was having panic attacks,” she admitted. “I had no confidence in myself and was so isolated. I was just existing, working to pay the bills and just getting through.”

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