A wealthy real estate mogul from London, England, believes that children should not fly in luxury until they are old enough to “earn it.” That’s why the father of two would always fly in first class with his wife while he made his children sit in coach with their nanny. However, some people have thrown criticism at 32-year-old Samuel Leeds for lounging in first class while his children are forced to squeeze into airplane seats in coach class.

Leeds regularly shares tips on social media with his hundreds of thousands of followers on how they can get rich like him. However, his recent clip on TikTok sparked controversy because he revealed his decision to always make his children fly coach with their nanny while he and his wife enjoy the luxury of first-class travel in an airplane.

The real estate investor believes that all parents should do what he does on a plane. He said that parents should upgrade their seats to first class so they can enjoy the luxury of air travel while making their children sit in the back of the plane in coach. He argues that doing this helps the parents enjoy the luxury without any distractions of annoying children while also not spoiling kids with luxuries they did not earn.

At the start of Leeds’s viral video, he shows his two children sitting in coach class with their nanny. He waves goodbye to them and then walks through the plane to his luxurious seat with ample leg room in the first class section of the aircraft.

“Rich people don’t spoil your kids, walking past business class because I earned it,” he said in the video. The real estate agent then explained that he had upgraded his seat to first class so he could enjoy the flight with his wife, Amanda, without having to be distracted by their children’s annoying requests and needs.

In addition, Leeds gave his TikTok followers a glimpse into his first-class life.

“My dinner is ready,” he said before he panned the camera to Amanda, who was enjoying a glass of wine. “My wife who helps build the business with me.”

At the conclusion of the viral video, the real estate agent asked viewers if they agreed or disagreed with him about making children sit in coach while parents fly first class. His video sparked a furious debate among TikTok users. Some people said it was “odd” to separate oneself from their children on a plane. Others thought it was “savage” to do so.

“No way, I understand the lesson, but no way am I being that far away from my girls,” one person wrote.

Another person added: “I fail to see what lesson this will teach them.”

“This one’s a bit odd,” one person wrote about the advice.

“Haha, no, this is savage,” someone added.

Do you think this man’s advice would work for most parents? Or should parents travel in coach with their kids?

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