Jeanie Ditty lost her 2-year-old daughter Macy suddenly. The tragedy sent the young mom’s life into a tailspin. Although she still had her stable job as a soldier in the United States Army stationed at Fort Bragg, things were not the same without little Macy in her life. That’s why Jeanie Ditty staged a photoshoot to honor her daughter, featuring the child in the images as an “angel.”

The photoshoot occurred at the same cemetery where Macy was buried. She hired a photographer and went out to the burial site a month after the little girl was put into the ground. While at the cemetery, Ditty was the epitome of a grieving mother. She spent hours near her little girl’s grave, kneeling on a blanket and “interacting” with the angel of her little one.

Ditty had told police that Macy died by accident. In the report, she described how Macy choked on her own vomit after consuming rotten bananas. The sudden loss of her little “angel” sent Ditty’s life into the gutter. The fact that the images, which were edited by a Pennsylvania photographer, included the ghostly presence of Macy, made the story of this young mother’s suffering even harder for people. She received donations as well as other forms of support.

Then, the truth reared its ugly head. Although the public assumed the girl’s death was accidental, the authorities were not so quick to buy Ditty’s “story.” Cops had launched an intense investigation into Ditty for her potential role in the little girl’s sudden death. And when the truth about what really happened came out, the angel photos of little Macy lost their original meaning – and became an example of a guilty mother trying to make amends for the murder of her child.

The girl died in December 2015 when Ditty was a young soldier. But before she died, Ditty waited for paramedics arrived at her apartment in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to see if they could revive the unresponsive toddler. They were unable to do so at the scene of the incident, so they brought Macy to the hospital. But she died there.

Court documents show that the little girl’s tiny body was covered in bruises. She also had suffered multiple head injuries from different impacts. Her liver had also been lacerated.

“This is a horrible case all the way around,” Ditty’s attorney, Bernard Condlin, said. The evidence that the girl’s death was the result of severe child abuse was obvious. Ditty and her boyfriend, Army Special Forces soldier, Zachary Keefer, were charged and arrested.

“Ms. Ditty left during that time frame to go to a doctor’s appointment,” Condlin said. “When she left, the baby was fine. When she came home, the baby wasn’t.”

Nevertheless, authorities released Keefer from custody. Now, Ditty is the only one facing the consequences for her daughter’s death.

Prosecutor Julia Wolf Hejazi dropped Keefer’s charges because: “New medical information provides a clearer timeline of events and contradicts previous medical information…in the interest of justice, the state is dismissing these charges.”

Attorney Bernard Condlin stands next to Jeanie Ditty of Spring Lake, N.C., during a first appearance hearing at the Cumberland County Detention Center in Fayetteville, N.C., Monday, March 28, 2016. Ditty’s boyfriend Zachary Earl Keefer, already facing charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, has turned himself in. (Cindy Burnham/The Fayetteville Observer via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

“She’s very upset the case didn’t go to trial as scheduled,” Condlin said about his client.

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