A beautiful nineteen-year-old OnlyFans model claimed to have traveled all the way to Bali to get a tattoo that she had been dreaming of for some time. The 19-year-old model Tia Kabir flew from her home in Australia to Bali in Indonesia to get the words “angel energy” tattooed right above the crook of her arm. However, the tattoo artist made a huge mistake and accidentally wrote the words “energy angel,” reversing the order of the phrase for the OnlyFans star.

Because the tattoo was written in thick black ink, Tia Kabir won’t be able to easily cover up the mistake. She claimed to have been completely distraught after learning that the tattoo artist had done the wrong art on her upper arm, leaving the OnlyFans star in a state of panic because a tattoo is not something that a person can easily get rid of.

“I came to Bali to get a tattoo, and I’ve been dreaming of getting this tattoo,” Tai Kabir said in a viral video on the subject of her accidental tattoo. “It’s supposed to say ‘angel energy,’ now it just says ‘energy angel.’”

In a conversation with Daily Mail’s FEMAIL, Tia Kabir said that she got the wrong tattoo back on May 7, 2023. She claimed that she wanted the phrase “Angel Energy” tattooed on her arm above her elbow to represent all the hardship she had faced throughout her life so far.

“I’ve always wanted something powerful such as Angel Energy on my arm as I believe through everything I have been through to becoming the influencer I am now, I can leave a good spirit imprinted on my body,” Kabir said to FEMAIL.

Although the tattoo was a pretty simple request, Tia Kabir said the tattoo artist had to revise the stencil three times because they kept getting it wrong. Nevertheless, her corrections were not enough as the artists tattooed the wrong phrase on her arm, defying her request for the tattoo to say “Angel Energy.”

“The size was incorrect the first time, the second was the spacing, and then the third, it somehow swapped the other way,” the OnlyFans star said. “I was not paying attention to the tattoo as I’m soft when it comes to needles and looked away the whole time.”

When Kabir saw the tattoo was done wrong, she “instantly broke down in tears.” The staff at the Bali tattoo shop immediately apologized for the mistake and tried to make the OnlyFans star feel better about getting the wrong words inked on her skin permanently.

Although she paid about one hundred fifty Australian dollars for the tattoo, she was not offered a refund despite the artist making a horrible mistake. Instead, the tattoo artist modified the art so he now reads, “Energy of an Angel,” which is closer to the meaning that Tia Kabir wanted from the permanent ink.

Many people accused the OnlyFans star of faking the situation. But she assured everyone that this was “real” and did happen.

“My response to this hate is that this is 100 percent genuine,” she said.