An available woman hunting for dates on Tinder has exposed one user as a catfish after she spotted a photo editing error. In her TikTok video explaining what she found, Tanith Gregory explained that the so-called man she was swiping right on – Andrew – described himself as a “fun and loyal” 43-year-old man. Gregory was struck by “Andrew’s” handsome good looks and charm until she noticed proof that the image was not genuine.

Gregory, who works as a photographer and stylist, posted her video to TikTok along with a caption that read, “How NOT to catfish 101.” Her video featured a screenshot of Andrew’s profile along with the mistake that she noticed while hunting for dates on the app.

“If you’re going to go to the effort of catfishing people on Tinder, at least go to the effort of cropping the Google search out,” she said.

In the image, Gregory found that the person behind the Andrew profile had searched for a model’s image in Google. The person then seemed to steal the image and use it on their dating profile in order to get more people interested in the account. The user picked images of model “Tim Johnson,” which was still included in the search bar that had not been removed from the Tinder dating profile image.

The image clearly states “Tim Johnson model” in the search bar. This oversight led Gregory to believe that the profile was fake and that its creator had simply stolen the image of the model to trick people into engaging with the scam artist.

Catfishing occurs when someone creates a fake online profile in order to lure romance into their lives. Catfishing is often used by sexual predators and other criminals who want to scam people out of something – including their hard-earned life savings and other valuables.

Fortunately, Gregory exposed this Tinder catfishing attempt when she noticed that the profile photo was nabbed from a Google Image search. By sharing her story on TikTok, Gregory was able to engage with a lot of people. Many people liked her video while others contributed comments, which helped spark an interesting discussion around catfishing and dating apps like Tinder.

“That’s hilarious. I hope he’s been inundated with messages pointing out his mistake unless he’s done it as a talking point,” one viewer suggested.

“Pretty sure I’ve seen this same pic listed as a James,” one user commented.

“This cracked me up. Thank you for the laugh,” one of her followers wrote.

Other comments included, “This has killed me. Outright dead.”

“I feel sorry for him. He’s so secure about himself he had to get someone else’s picture instead.”

“I saw one once using an actor’s photos from Instagram. A shot of his ‘friends’ was the cast of a show that included Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls.”

One person jokingly suggested that it could have been the model all along.

“Imagine this really is Tim Johnson, and he googled a photo of himself because he doesn’t have it in his phone but forgot to crop it. You never know…”

What do you think about this person’s catfishing attempt on Tinder?

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