Although 21-year-old Milijana Bozic is married to the much older Milojko Bozic, 74, she is not faithful to him or his money. After marring the man in September of this year, the 21-year-old Serbian bride has been caught in the act of love with two other older men. The first instance appeared during the filming of the reality show “Parovi,” when Bozic was caught kissing 60-year-old Nemanja Stamatovic Zabac, and the other was even more risqué.

Bozic was caught cheating on her 74-year-old husband with another old man just weeks after she was caught in bed with another old man. A picture is reportedly circulating from their time under the sheets.

In the reality show, Parovi, which translates to “Couples,” the young Serbian is seen kissing the other man despite marrying Bozic in September of this year. During the kiss, Bozic sits cross-legged in the lap of the 60-year-old Zabac as she locks lips with the retiree. In the background, there is a table with a plant and a candlestick on it.

While the kiss on television is enough evidence for her husband to seek an annulment to their marriage, reportedly, Milijana had sex with another man while her husband was asleep near them.

The young woman denies her affairs, despite the evidence against her. She said: “The person who posted those photos will be sued. They are selfies I took, and I know who I sent the pictures to, and I know who posted them.”

Although she admits to knowing the man and having seen him around, she said she never had a relationship with him or had sex with him.

“I have seen this man a couple of times, but I have not been in a relationship with him.”

Milijana has been unfaithful before. In the first season of the reality show, after Milojko was eliminated, Milijana admitted she had oral sex with 35-year-old Aleksander Pozgaj.

“We were intimate,” she said, according to The Mirror. “We didn’t have full sex, I satisfied him orally, and he did the same for me. There was also touching and cuddling.”

Milojko forgave Milijana on that occasion. However, it is not clear if she’ll get away with these numerous affairs now.

“If you set it like this, our conflict will continue after the reality show,” he said. “She’s playing me and is making a fool out of me. This is not a game. This is real! Milijana is playing both of us.”

Before she joined the show, Milijana said that she and her elderly husband have sex every day, although his heart condition prevents them from using the missionary position.

“The men on Couples are mostly young. They don’t have grey hair or wear glasses. So, they don’t have a chance with me,” she said. “Of course we will have sex, why wouldn’t we? I would love to get pregnant and give birth to a baby, hopefully.”

He added, “If not on Couples, then after we leave the show. We plan to cuddle and love each other there as if we were at home. I really want to prove to people that this is the real thing between Milojko and me, and not a marketing trick like everyone says.”

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