On Wednesday, sports anchor Dan O’Toole posted a heartbreaking image of his daughter to Instagram, along with the shocking announcement that she has gone missing. O’Toole’s daughter, Oakland, is just one-month-old and has gone missing. Because she is so young and unable to fend for herself, O’Toole is in a state of frenzy, and he and his family members try day and night to find their beloved Oakland before some crazed predator comes across her and hurts her.

O’Toole posted the image of Oakland along with a message about how devastated he is now that she has gone missing.

“My baby Oakland,” the 44-year-old sports anchor wrote. “I’m praying that whoever has you is holding you. That whoever has taken you from me, is protecting you. That whoever has you, let’s you come back into my arms.”

Although he wishes well for his daughter, he wants justice to rain down on whoever stole her away from him.

“I love you, Oakland. I can’t wait to one day hold you again,” he added. “My heart is broken. I am broken. To be clear, Oakland is alive, we think. But we don’t know. I have a one-month-old child, and I don’t know where she is.”

Because O’Toole has been divorced, many fans have accused his ex-wife of staging the kidnapping of the little girl. O’Toole came forward with a clear announcement that she was not involved in the disappearance of Oakland in any way. She’s just as distraught as he is.

“My amazing ex-wife Corrie has NOTHING to do with this,” he wrote. “Please leave her alone.”

Because O’Toole is trying to use every resource at his disposal to find his beloved Oakland, he has contacted the Toronto Police Department for their help.

The police department told PEOPLE the following:

“At this moment, the Toronto Police Department does not have a report of a missing infant pertaining to Dan O’Toole. There also has been no amber alert issued pertaining to this inquiry.”

As the host of the show SC with Jay and Dan on Canada’s The Sports Network (TPN), O’Toole announced Oakland’s birth back on May 26, 2020. She has gone missing just days into her life.

O’Toole shared a photo of his beloved Oakland along with the caption: “When you self-isolate long enough, you get one of these as a door prize!! Meet Oakland Eleanor Sandra Newman-O’Toole. My brand new Lil girl who has a million names, and all of my heart. In case it was ever in doubt, now officially NEVER forgetting 2020.”

TSN has not immediately responded to PEOPLE for a comment regarding their star employee’s missing daughter.

But now an amazing turn of events! Oakland has been found but has not been reunited with her father.

“My baby Oakland has been found and is said to be safe. Police informed me at 12:07 am. I still have not seen Oakland or held her. To those that have decided to attack me for fearing for my daughter’s safety, I don’t know what to say. I just hope that you never have to look in the eyes of your own children and tell them that you don’t know where their sister is, or when they will ever see her again. I am still broken. I don’t know if any of us will ever be fixed. We just want our Oakland back.”

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