Over the last fourteen years, the United States Postal Service – USPS – has reported more than $87 billion in losses. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has struck another blow to the United States economy, the USPS is expected to be even worse off, which is why USPS leaders are proposing a ten-year plan that would change the way the service is executed – and everyone is upset with the proposal.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy shared a massive ten-year plan that would slow down deliveries. If DeJoy gets the changes he wants, priority mail will take as much as five days to arrive at its destination. The coronavirus pandemic hit the USPS very hard. The essential delivery service was severely slowed because of the economic collapse that occurred under President Trump, which forced 122,913 workers to the sidelines, which was a staggering twenty percent of the USPS’s workforce.

DeJoy donated massive amounts of money to the campaign of former President Donald J. Trump and has faced heavy criticism from Democrats who believe his conservative agenda is not good for the United States. DeJoy was even accused of trying to sabotage the mail-in ballot service during the 2020 election because those votes were thought to be going largely to Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden.

Under Trump, the USPS lost $9.2 billion in 2020 alone. Now, the country’s delivery service has amassed liabilities exceeding $152 billion.

On Tuesday during a press conference, DeJoy also said that the service is in desperate need of investment in infrastructure, “creating an unstable operating environment unable to meet the demands of the American people.”

“These current conditions, if allowed to continue, are devastating to our organization and seriously jeopardize our role in the country,” DeJoy said in the press conference. “If not addressed, not only will our service continue to deteriorate, but we will forecast we will lose approximately $160billion over the next ten years. Long before that, we will run out of cash and not be able to continue our operations without a government bailout.”

The USPS revealed its Delivering for American plan, which is a 58-page document. In the plan, the USPS confessed that they have struggled to meet the three-day delivery standard for First-Class Mail since 2012. However, since the start of Trump’s presidency in 2017, the USPS has been spiraling downward, according to DeJoy.

The Delivering for American plan proposes to lower expectations by making non-local First-Class Mail delivery to five days. Although the changes do not mean that the mail would be delivered more slowly, they do mean that the USPS will be held to a more reasonable standard given the service’s weakening infrastructure and other challenges.

“Overall, updated service standards will position us to achieve significant cost savings and provide service that meets or exceeds 95 percent on-time reliability,” the document stated.

The plan added, “Our plan is to invest approximately $4 billion in our retail units to provide a world-class customer experience with improved retail training, modernized uniforms, refreshed lobbies, and expanded self-service and digital options.”

What do you think about the changes to the USPS?

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