Travelers learned about British COVID-19 restrictions the hard way when they arrived at Heathrow International Airport in London only to be slapped with a large fine before being whisked away to a hotel to undergo ten days of isolation. These tourists claimed to have had “no idea” that the government of the United Kingdom had instituted strict COVID restrictions to curb the spread of the virus – by fining travelers and then forcing them to stay at an expensive hotel for a week and a half to ensure they are not carrying the deadly virus.

Wayne Kelly was one of the people stunned by the changes in COVID guidance. He learned from Border Force that his travel to high-risk countries would force him to endure the travel fine and face isolation at the determined hotels.

Violators of the new COVID-19 restrictions will have to pay a £500 fine ($702) and $1,750 ($2450) for ten days’ lodging at a hotel. The scheme has only just launched and surprised travelers arriving in London. They were whisked away to nearby hotels that they had to pay for. Nevertheless, hospitality bosses are ready to make these people’s stays more “homely” with “branded shampoo, puzzles, and crockery.”

Travelers are hit with the fine and hotel expense if they are traveling to the UK from a red-list country, which includes South Africa, Zambia, and United Arab Emirates.

The hotel stay will cost about $2,450 plus an additional £650 ($900) for any other person over the age of twelve. An extra fee of £325 ($456) for children between the ages of five and twelve. Children under the age of five will not incur an additional fee for these travelers.

Businessman Kelly, who lives in Birmingham, added, “I didn’t know what this is all about, and I still don’t understand it. I came in from Dubai. I’ve now got a pay £1,750 to stay in a hotel. And this letter they’ve given me says I could be fined another £500. I’m trying to work and make a living. It’s a terrible way to treat people.”

Kelly does not like that he got stuck in the hotel scheme. He admitted that he had not been following current events and was ignorant of the recent change regarding travel into Great Britain.

“The first I realized I was going to be in this trouble was when I got off the plane,” he said. “Now I’ve got this nightmare of being put into a hotel when I’ve actually got a home in Birmingham with my family. I was in Dubai last month when I got back. I quarantined at home with no problem. I should be allowed to do that again. This is just ridiculous. My wife was going to pick me up so I wouldn’t be mixing in public anyway. I don’t believe this is happening. And if they’re starting to put us up in hotels now, why didn’t they do this last year? New Zealand and Australia and places like that have virtually beaten the virus. This is a little bit too late and too cruel if you ask me.”

What do you think about these strict COVID-19 travel restrictions?

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