Ever since she was a little girl, Olivia Messina from Canada has “always wanted to be a Hooters waitress.” Although she never got the job, she decided to purchase the restaurant’s orange and white uniform and wear it for her friends and followers on the Chinese social media app TikTok. Although Messina thought her account was going to be flooded with messages of support, the plus-size woman was instead inundated with hateful, cruel comments mocking her for modeling the Hooters uniform.

Messina has amassed quite the following on TikTok as a 322-pound influencer. However, her critics outnumbered her supporters when she decided to put on the Hooters uniform and share the images with people online. She wanted to convince Hooters restaurants to hire plus-size women to work the floors.

The video clip was originally posted in June 2022 but has resurfaced as new people begin to mock and ridicule Messina for attempting to dress like a Hooters waitress. In her viral video, Messina is dressed in the iconic Hooters booty shorts and crop top while she dances to the hit song Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard.

She captioned her post, “Do you want fries with that?” Her video has now been watched nearly half a million times.

In addition to her viral TikTok video, Messina also posted some images of her wearing the Hooters uniform to her Instagram page, along with a suggestion for the restaurant chain. “I’d love to see more plus-size Hooters girls.”

Although Messina promotes a body-positivity message, the comment section was flooded with cruel and nasty remarks from haters who urged her to “forget the dream” because she would never be a Hooters waitress.

One hateful comment stated, “I’m not even hungry no more, bruh.”

“Nah, don’t normalize bad health,” said someone else.

Another person wrote, “Go eat a salad or something. Put the wings down. You ain’t gonna make it to 50 years old the way you’re going.”

“I’d tip you just to put clothes on,” one troll quipped.

“Not a single soul wants to see your [fat] while trying to eat wings. They have positions for you at hooters, though. It’s called the kitchen. Or the stockyard,” commented another user.

Other comments included, “Keep away from my food” and “I always wanted to be an astronaut and go to the moon. Looks like we both have unrealistic goals, lol.”

Fortunately, Messina also had a slew of supporters.

“I’d only visit on days you worked.”

“You would get all the attention,” said someone else.

Another added, “I think I would be a regular customer.”

“You’re more than qualified.”

“They really should have some diversity. Not everyone likes the same thing,” commented someone else.

Hooters famously employs attractive women who are forced to wear skimpy uniforms. Do you think Hooters should hire more plus-size servers to work the floor at their restaurants around the country?